Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An interesting note on the Mississippi TEA Party's website

In the wake of Rep. Phillip Gunn's selection as the Republican Speaker candidate, this note on the Mossissippi TEA Party's website is very interesting:
The Mississippi Tea Party
A message to all members of The Mississippi Tea Party
Dear Tea Party,
The situation in the GOP Conference puts the gain of a GOP majority in the House at great risk. There are moves being made in the Conference to elect people who do not qualify as a Conservative and are not qualified to lead at this critical moment.
We are even hearing the familiar death knell of "power sharing" and "reaching across the aisle." It is very important that you read the following information and contact you GOP Representative ASAP today to prevent what could only be called a theft of the victory you worked so hard for. Let them know who you want to be Speaker of the House. Now is not the time for compromise.
Roy Nicholson, Chairman, MSTP

Now Hang on a minute. Wasn't the biggest complaint from Republicans over the last four years that Speaker Billy McCoy didn't "share power" and "reach across the aisle"?Looks like some Republicans are changing their tune.

Also, does the TEA party know something we don't about internal strife in the Republican Conference? That would jibe up with reports from inside yesterday's meeting that Gunn claimed victory on the 4th ballot by 1 vote.


bill said...

Come on, Matt. Just because the Speaker wasn't elected unanimously on the first ballot doesn't mean there was dissension in the ranks. I called my representative and urged her to support my candidate, and I imagine lots of other people did the same thing. Of course there are going to be people who are for different candidates. They had the meeting behind closed doors so they could hash out their internal differences and emerge to the public united behind one leader. On January 3 the caucus will be unanimous for Philip Gunn, and the rest is irrelevant.

Cottonmouth said...

I think that it is likely that Gunn will be elected Speaker, but I don't think it's a certainty.

RonPaulDisciple said...

just learned of this blog. thought id give it a visit to see if what i had heard was true. It is.