Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PERS Study Commission legal brief uncovered; tells Study Commission PERS can be "substantially impaired" if so desired


Yeah, Republicans will tell you over and over that they aren't after the 13th check, or really aren't up to anything at all with this whole PERS Study Commission. In fact, it's such a non-issue that legislators shouldn't be able to ask questions of the Study Commission's leader.

Well, guess what made its way into public view, thanks to HonorYourPromise.us?  A legal brief from the Mississippi Center for Public Policy written for the PERS Study Commission that tells the Commission it's perfectly O.K. to "substantially impair" PERS.  What's more? It actually tells them what the Legislature would need to "find" in order to shield the attack on PERS from judicial scrutiny.  Read it here and weep.

That brief brings to mind three questions:
  1. Who paid for the brief? (I bet George Schloegel could tell us, if Gov. Barbour would let him testify.)
  2. Who actually wrote the brief? (It just says "GW" at the end, and there's no one with those initials on MCPP's website.)
  3. Who is footing the bill over at the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, anyway?
Anyone think for one second that a Republican-led House would do anything other than walk in lock step with the recommendations of Barbour's PERS Study Commission?  If so, I've got some oceanfront property in Panther Burn I'd like to sell you.

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Kingfish said...

There is an employee at MPCC with the initials GW knucklehead. once again you don't have your facts or in this case, no facts at all, just wild speculations.