Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Todd Wade blasts Secretary of State Hosemann

After being removed from the ballot today, former Republican Senate candidate Todd Wade fired off a press release attacking Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann (R). Here are the highlights:
I have raised a large amount of money from Conservatives in District 9 who wanted to see us take this seat. The momentum was on our side. The Secretary of State gave my campaign only an hour and forty-five minute notice of the original hearing to remove me from the ballot. I don't believe it was Secretary Hosemann's wishes (sic) that I be able to attend. Luckily I was already on my way to Jackson, and I was able to be there. The voters in Senate District 9 deserve more respect than this from Mr. Hosemann.

I won't pass judgement on the entire Secretary of State's office, but this particular issue has been mishandled and should frighten every Mississippian about what is going on in Jackson. This type of action from our Secretary of State only increases voter apathy, decreases participation, and continues to promote an environment of "good ole boy, status quo politics". It is bad for Mississippi.


David said...

And Todd Wade knows about voter apathy. Having never voted before 2010.

mississippi citizen said...

Oh yeah, I am sure Delbert Hoseman (a Republican) wanted to get the Republican out of the race. Get real Todd Wade! The fact of the matter is that you did not meet the qualifications to run for office and you got caught.