Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley comes out swinging

Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley (D) kicked off his reelection campaign today in his hometown of Nettleton. Presley, campaigning on his defense of the public from corporations, had some memorable quotes:

"My opponent said in radio interview last week that he didn't understand why I didn't vote for the project that led to the largest rate hike in our state's history. Well let me be clear, I've got 2 billion, 880 million reasons why I didn't vote for that rate hike because that's how much money will be taken from the pockets of working families and small business owners in Mississippi"

"I'm proud to have voted against more rate hikes and wasteful spending than any Commissioner in the entire history of the PSC"

"Now there is no doubt who the utilities and corporate interests are NOT for in this race, that's me. I've been willing to fight battles no other Commissioner was willing to take on in the past"

"Now the corporate utilities have got airplanes and all sorts of PACs and political muscle and lobbyists and all I have is you and me... I think that's enough!"

"Nothing would make the corporate utilities and others happier than to get this seat back for themselves. I don't believe you and I are going to let that happen!"

Now that's some good old stump speaking right there.

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