Friday, September 23, 2011

Mississippi Republicans are waging a disinformation campaign about PERS

Republicans, as I mentioned earlier, are terrified of the PERS Study Commission and the effect it could have on their overall electoral success rate this November. So what's their response?


For instance, some Republicans are lying to you and trying to tell you that they aren't looking to cut the 13th check.  Think I'm kidding about that?  Here's what Sen. Dean Kirby (R-Pearl) was quoted as saying in the Jackson Free Press yesterday:
Sen. Dean Kirby, R-Pearl, a non-voting member of the study commission, said that at the last commission meeting, Chairman George Schloegel said commissioners have no intention of changing anything about the 13th check.
And here's George Schloegel himself:

Do they think people won't check up on what they say?


Kingfish said...

So is it disinformation to point out PERS spent half a billion more in benefits this past fiscal year than it took in in contributions?

Better yet? Is it disinformation for the Dems to brag there is a 25% return last year? For one thing, dead cat bounces are not something you can count on every year and two, the S&P is down 10% this year and 14% since July. That will do a pretty good job of wiping out that 25% gain.

While we are on returns, do you really think its realistic to expect 8% returns for the next few years?

What bothers me is that the Democrats do not think PERS should be looked at...PERIOD. Not at all. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. The people who actually know what this stuff means, investment professionals, are worried about PERS. Don't take my word for it, go ask Cecil Brown's partner, Tim Medley.

Its disinformation to think everything is just rosy at PERS as well.

and yeah, I was sitting there yesterday, listening to Kirby's little falsehood. Pointed it out to Elizabeth Crisp as I do have his statement and the Mayor's statement last week on video.

elizabeth said...

:-) The Kirby comment didn't have to be pointed out to me, as I have the recordings too.
It was in my story in the CL on Thursday, along with Schloegel's actual comments from the hearing. (end of page 1, top of page 2)

Kingfish said...

sure was. Was just pointing out I was aware of it and made it known to others.