Monday, September 12, 2011

Barbour in 2010: "Hood, please don't sue BP." Simpson in 2011: "Hood should have sued BP in 2010!"

In what has to be one of the worst political attacks in the last few cycles here in Mississippi, beleaguered Republican AG nominee Steve Simpson released a 5 page PDF and held a press conference attacking Attorney General Jim Hood for "waiting" to file suit against BP for the oil spill. And then he goes on to try to somehow assert that Attorney General Hood got campaign contributions from lawyers for said waiting.

Um, ok.

Here are the facts: On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon disaster began. Shortly thereafter, BP said that it would pay all claims relating to the disaster. Attorney Generals for Louisiana and Alabama went ahead and filed suit. Gov. Haley Barbour (with whom Simpson said he was "leading" while Hood was "waiting") asks AG Hood not to file suit against BP. Specifically, Gov. Barbour said "BP is paying claims by the thousands. If you go to court, that's going to stop all that." (Here are some articles discussing Barbour's request in detail.)

As for Hood getting campaign contributions for waiting, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. No lawyer worth his salt would rather wait to file suit. You would want to do that ASAP. So that's another part of this that is absurd.

Here's Attorney General Hood's official response:
“Mr. Simpson is patently playing politics with this absurd charge. While Simpson has been a no-show on this issue, Jim Hood has led the effort to hold BP and Ken Feinberg accountable to Coast residents. His record on this is clear. Simpson needs to make up his mind and decide whether he's on the side of Feinberg and BP or on the side of Coast residents. Even Simpson's own boss, Gov. Barbour, asked the Attorney General in July 2010 to hold off suing BP until the claims-paying process was complete. Simpson's logic is flawed and non-sensical.”


mississippi citizen said...

One minute Stevie Simpson says Hood files too many lawsuits...the next minute he says he doesn't file enough? Hard to believe he was ever a judge...even harder to believe he thinks he should be attorney general. This guy can't make up his mind! Well...except when it comes to letting child molesters out of jail!

MelBrooks said...

Mr. Simpson's ignorance never ceases to amaze or disturb me as a citizen and a voter. Hood should have sued BP in 2010 while oil was still gushing into the gulf? I say that Mr. Simpson SHOULD have sentence a child molester to more than a year in jail. Mr. Simpson SHOULD have paid his taxes the year he bought a yacht. Mr. Simpson SHOULD have left a wife-beater/his friend in jail like the Judge ordered. Mr. Simpson SHOULD have resigned as commissioner before campaigning for AG. Mr. Simpson SHOULD have recognized a woman's right to defend herself and her child from her violent husband, but he chose to ignore this right and convicted her of murder. Hood SHOULD have filed suit in 2010? Steve Simpson SHOULD wake up and realize that he is about as qualified to be Attorney General as Gary Busey is to be an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. This press release is just one of many examples of why Steve Simpson SHOULD NOT be the Attorney General of Mississippi.

KE Resident said...

You post so much about Simpson that one can't help but smell your election-day worries re: 'Family-Man' Hood.