Saturday, August 6, 2011

Checking in...

Ok, well, the last few days have been extraordinarily busy, leaving me little time to post. That, of course, doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about. Here we go:

1) Republicans had predicted that they would have more voters in their primary than Democrats would have in theirs. That came nowhere close to happening. The Democratic turnout numbers were outstanding on Tuesday.

2) The Hinds County races were plagued with problems, and the numbers are still not complete. They will be certified early next week is my guess.

3) Republicans will have a very difficult time winning the House Speaker's race if Democrats vote with somewhere near the frequency of Tuesday.

4) Sen. Doug Davis, the sitting Senate Appropriations chairman, losing his primary is probably one of the more schocking events from Tuesday.

5) Sen. Terry Burton easily handled Rep. Tad Campbell's challenge Tuesday. Campbell hadn't been running that energetic of a campaign, and that hurt him. This is a race that will long be remembered, as Campbell's challenge was supposed to be a lesson to Republicans who strayed from the party line, as Burton did on redistricting. It was a lesson alright, but not exactly the one Republicans intended.


REALDem said...

You forget. Repugs only heed messages from GOD!

Bill Dees said...

Re: #2 - Democrats vote "frequently"? No wonder the turnout was so high last Tuesday.