Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So who was the prosecutor who supposedly recommended the molestation sentence to Steve Simpson?

According to sources with knowledge of the 2006 case in which Jeremy Wayne Manieri pled guilty to molesting a child, the prosecutor in that case was Sean Tindell. Sean Tindell (R-Gulfport) is currently running against Jason Vitosky (I-Gulfport) to replace Sen. Billy Hewes (R-Gulfport) in the State Senate.

Manieri received 1 year to serve in 2006. He was arrested Sunday for the murder of Father Edward Everitt, a Catholic priest. Had Republican Attorney General candidate Stephen Simpson sentenced Manieri to even a third of the maximum sentence of 15 years, Everitt would be alive today.

Since the story broke this morning, Simpson has shifted blame to the prosecutor, saying that Tindell recommended the exceedingly light sentence. Court documents show otherwise, and that it was in fact an "open" plea, with the sentence left up to Simpson.

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Unknown said...

Uh oh.

Maybe the people might want to look into somebody who would actually want to make "READING a bill a contractual obligation BEFORE voting on legislation" a law. It's only logical.

As for distinguishing right from wrong... crimes against children are the worst of them all. Prisoners go the extra mile in punishing such criminals, why don't prosecutors?