Friday, July 8, 2011

Did Rep. Lester "Bubba" Carpenter teach this at the training?

In an effort to become more familiar with legislative races around the state, I decided to look at candidates I had yet to hear a lot about. When I came to Republican candidate Jerrerico Chambers I found that he has been a guest on SuperTalk's Paul Gallo Show and that he says he is a conservative Republican by choice, albeit one who doesn't always toe the party line.

I also learned that Mr. Chambers was an attendee at a recent Tea Party training event, at which Rep. Bubba Carpenter (R - Burnsville), among others, taught candidates like Chambers, Charles Busby, Jay Mathis, and Dorothy Wilcox.

But that wasn't all I learned.

To begin with, Chambers has quite a presence on both MySpace and Facebook. It's not your typical campaign stuff, however. Chambers decides to let us really see who he is. Literally.

I can't find a way to adequately describe what I found in words, so I'll just use screen shots:

To begin with, here's the front of his MySpace page.

Now, on to the pictures.  First, his "Republican Presidential Attire."  Next, Mr. Chambers shares with us his thoughts on the hot topic of "sagging."  (I agree with his sentiment, if not his delivery.)  Next, he decides to let us see a bit more of himself.  And then a bit more.  And finally, an invitation.  (And if you doubt that this Jerrerico Chambers and the candidate are one in the same, I refer you to this comment on his MySpace page.)

So how about Facebook?  Well, he has a campaign page up.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  So what about his pictures on Facebook?  A click on the "campaign button" picture reveals a blue and white logo that's fairly nondescript.  But that's photo number 9 out of 26, so there's more to see here.  I'm a read-things-backwards type of guy sometimes, so let's click back....WHAT THE HOLY HELL?!? (I edited this heavily in order to keep you, dear reader, from seeing what I saw on Mr. Chambers' publicly available Facebook page.)


CW said...

Holy Cow!

bobby said...

Man I have seen it all. Where the hell are these guys coming from? There is another one running for Senate District 21, & they identify themselves as members of the Republican Party. I think that is Senator Kenny Wayne Jones' current district.