Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An update to the story about Phil Bryant and the Miss America pageant

Earlier, I posted a piece on Phil Bryant's attempt to convince the newly formed Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Tourism Partnership to spend most of its BP tourism money on moving the flagging Miss America pageant to the Coast. In it, I noted that Sam Haskell, who runs the pageant, had given Phil Bryant a $10,000 donation 3 weeks before Bryant went to pitch the Miss America bailout to the Partnership.

It appears as though Haskell is also a "Chairman" of the upcoming $1,000 per couple Phil Bryant fundraiser at Robert Lampton's home in Jackson's Eastover neighborhood. The list of host for the event is on the second page of the invitation.

h/t Majority In Mississippi


choggs said...

Gov. Bryant better watch his p's and q's

lunabellamystic said...

I do hope Bryant realizes that getting the Miss America pageant into MS is entirely different from getting Miss America into him. And I'm glad to hear he is so myopic as to think a once a year event could possibly compensate economically with the losses associated with the BP oil spill.