Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another McCoy editorial: Daily Journal's Lloyd Gray says "McCoy's career refutes the caricature"

Lloyd Gray has an editorial up praising McCoy's tenure in the legislature and shooting down the Republican criticism McCoy has faced on talk radio and the like. The whole editorial is well worth a read. It sums up what has happened to Mississippi politics over the last eight years, a period during which we've seen markedly increased and sharpened partisanship. It's the closing line, though, that I'll quote here:
(McCoy) is leaving more or less on his own terms. In doing so, he leaves a legacy of accomplishment that makes the caricatures painted by the McCoy mockers look mighty lame.


historian said...
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Cottonmouth said...

historian - I had no problem with the part of your post about Al Gore or Jimmy Carter, but the last part was over the line. Repost without the sexual references and I'll let it through.

historian said...

CM, can't remember the good comments I had, other than to say that Lloyd Gray has 'turned me around' and I now have a totally different opinion of McCoy. After yearsof Gray, Bobby Harrison (and their pardners at the CL) telling us how wonderful their liberal politicans are and how good they have been for the state and nation - this time Lloyd Gray has convinced me. Yeah, right!

As to the "sexual references" - that was nothing more than testimony items in the 'trustee case' that bounced between Tennessee and Mississippi where he was the attorney. Nothing new there - just bringing back those wonderful old images.