Monday, April 18, 2011

Some kinda "states' rights" guy Phil Bryant is, huh?

In a quote that no doubt has Gov. Ross Barnett spinning in his grave like a hog on a rotisserie, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant addressed federal court intervention in Mississippi's legislative redistricting process:
"And a three judge panel will deliver fairness. They don't care about political opponents, they don't care about political opportunities, they only care about the constitution I believe and what the plans should look like. And I think all of Mississippi can live with that," said Bryant. (Emphasis added.)
Federal court intervention has indeed been required so many times in Mississippi's past, but folks on Lt. Gov. Bryant's side of the philosophical divide have traditionally been vehemently opposed to it. I wonder what ideologically-pure conservative Republicans think of this?


BC said...

They think Phil Bryant is a damn idiot just like ideologically pure Democrats do.

Unknown said...

And they are wrong BC. Anyone should be able to see that fair lines drawn by the courts will be far better than the unfair lines drawn by Chairman Reynolds.

44k people in the delta no longer live in the delta...not a single district collapsed. 55k people moved to Rankin, Madison and the Hattiesburg area...not a single new district created.

I thought the reason we did this in the first place was to have representation based on population.

What McCoy, Reynolds, Flaggs, Blackmon, Sen. Bryan, Sen. Burton, and the like need to understand is that it is not about them...IT'S ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

Unfortunately for them, the people are not a stupid as they wished they were.