Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Republican operatives throwing a fit over reporting of Bryant's remarks

After yesterday evening's post revealing what Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said in a closed-door GOP Senate caucus meeting, Twitter lit up with perplexed GOP operatives demanding to know the source for the story.

Now , I know the GOP isn't the party of education, but I kind of thought that part was obvious. Let's go through this: 1) Phil Bryant said this in a meeting that wasn't public. 2) Only Republican Senators were in the meeting. Therefore, 3) one or more Republican Senators or Phil Bryant himself later openly discussed what Bryant said.

As if that's not enough, Bryant's remarks also became the basis for discussion on the Senate floor during the debate of Senate Resolution 692, which would send the Legislature home subject to call of the Lt. Gov. and Speaker if a deal is reached on redistricting. Bryant wanted it to pass (it did), as legislators then have cover for their failure to redistrict. And that's a failure that lies at the feet of Bryant.


Speaker34 said...

Once again Phil!'s reach has exceeded his grasp. He needs some knowledgeable advice. Clearly the help he has is not up to the task.

bill said...

Has anyone reported Bryant's side of this? I love these anonymous sources. In all likelihood, some senator whispered to a trusted friend, then it got whispered to someone else and so on until it finally got to someone who wanted to see if this could become the faux pas of the day. If true, I'm sure the Lieutenant Governor wishes mightily he hadn't said it, but we still need fair district lines. Bill Billingsley