Monday, March 7, 2011

The Simpson Tax Documents

Here are the documents that show that GOP Attorney General nominee Steve Simpson's house was sold for taxes last year.  We've covered this before, and it's not what we mentioned last week.

Simspon tax documents


Alice Martin said...

Some clarification is in order. The house itself wasn't sold as you contend. The property taxes payable to Harrison County were sold. Tax lien sale. The earliest Simpson loses the actual house is August 2012 when the lien matures.

Simpson is late in paying his property taxes. His house has not been sold to satisfy the arrearage.

Cottonmouth said...

Even more, clarification, Skip, since you offered it up. Miss. Code Ann. Sect. 27-41-1 et seq. outlines the tax sale procedure. Currently, FRTL-US2010, LLLP, a subsidiary of Farrell-Roeh Liens, LLLP, holds a nonpossessory priority lien on Simpson's home. If he doesn't pay up, Farrell-Roeh will be entitled to remove Simpson from his home in August of 2012.

That of course begs the question: What is Simpson doing with that $16,000 a year raise he got in 2009?