Thursday, March 10, 2011

More on the GOP spin

It looks like one of the lines of spin pro-Bryant Mississippi Republicans (and I think it's fair to start dividing them into camps now, as they certainly are developing in wake of today's activity) will be "Bryant's mistake was choosing a bipartisan redistricting committee."  They should bear in mind that it was Republicans who killed Phil Bryant's plan today.


Kingfish said...

Not so fast. If anything, its been the anti-Bryant Republicans making that point today.

Today would've never happened with Brad Dye, Tuck, or Briggs. Ronnie? Possibly.

Speaker34 said...

Dye, Tuck, Briggs, Musgrove - and now Phil!. What an unholy quintet! Thank God the constitution was amended to limit these worthies to two terms. How many years did we suffer Bad Boy Brad. Wonder if his office shower still works?