Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still counting ballots in the Great White North

With 99% of precincts reporting, John Caldwell, Mike Tagert, and Warner McBride are separated by 677 votes in the race for Northern District Transportation Commissioner.  With only 390 votes separating McBride and Tagert, McBride’s team is pledging to keep working until all votes are counted.

In reviewing the AP’s numbers, one figure stands out—7,603.  That’s how many more votes Democrats got in this election than Republicans.  Caldwell and Tagert pulled in 21,033 collectively while McBride, Grisham, Hood, and Minor garnered 28,636. (You’ll  note that we excluded perennial candidate Larry Lee from this tally.)  This number is significant considering the Northern District encompasses the first congressional district plus parts of the second and third.  


Unknown said...

I think it is even more significant that it appears there will be an all Republian run-off and Butch Brown will likely be out before his planned departure.

Cottonmouth said...

Elayne, it has to be a bit unsettling to know that the Democratic candidates so heavily outdrew the Republicans in a special election in north Mississippi. The main concern for Mississippi Republicans is that November represented a high water mark for them, even if they only say it behind closed doors. These numbers have Brad White and crew scrambling, because they now have evidence that their fears are justified. And that it's all downhill from here.