Monday, January 24, 2011

Clarifying Steve Simpson's resume

Sid Salter wrote an article on Public Safety Commissioner Steve Simpson's resume the other day that needs a bit of correction.  Salter said Simpson was:
a former district attorney and Circuit Court judge from the Gulf Coast, was tapped by Gov. Haley Barbour to lead the Department of Public Safety in 2008.
That's not entirely true.  Simpson was an assistant district attorney under the elected District Attorney Cono Coranna, a Democrat.  Simpson was then appointed to the circuit bench in 2000 by Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.  (So when Simpson was running for election as circuit judge, he was running as the incumbent in a seat to which he'd been appointed.)

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Ricky Bishop said...

I am glad you cleared that up because by what Sid Salter was saying I thought he served as a district attorney, an Assistant is irrelevant he still is a district attorney, and an elected Judge. With spin like that no wonder elected officials are jumping ship left and right from your party!!