Monday, June 1, 2015

Mississippi Republicans: A Local Party Revolt

Last month, we touched a little bit on Phil Bryant's failed endorsement of Windy Swetman, after FoFo Gilich walloped Swetman in the May 12th Special Election for Biloxi mayor.

It seems as though the dust hasn't settled down in Harrison County; if anything, things are just getting started. We received some interesting documents that show quite a tiff between Harrison County Republican Committee and Joe Nosef, adding to the validity of rumblings we've heard that the MSGOP chair might be getting warm.

Below you'll find 3 documents.

The first is from Frank Genzer, chair of the HCRP Executive committee. one way you might describe the letter to Chairman Nosef, as Genzer lays out a frustrated line of questioning about endorsement validity and authorization.

Attached along with the letter include Chairman Nosef's abundantly exaggerative endorsement of Windy Swetman, and challenge of FoFo Gilich's Republican bona fides.

At heart, these two show just how averse the state leadership was to Gilich's candidacy, but if the first two documents are the shot, here's your chaser -- a letter from Nosef thanking Gilich for his "loyal support of the Mississippi Republican Party," proclaiming his support "make[s] [their] work at the Mississippi Republican Party possible."

Essentially -- Mayor Gilich donated to his own opposition campaign. That's got to feel great.

The Mississippi Republican Party: They'll take your money, but what will they do with it?


Anonymous said...

You can always tell when a political party thinks they dominate. Things start getting very sloppy at the top. These attempts to put their hand pick candidates in office at any level, anywhere, very seldom works. And to have a sitting governor involved in a candidate conspiracy as a best man last minute persuader sure makes them all look like Dumb-R,Dumber-R and Dumbest-R. We all know who called these plays that ended in a final losing score of 60-40.Joe Nose-ff has Mississippi Mud all up in his nostrils. Maybe the local party revolt will send him packing right on over to Frontier Strategies.Hell,that is who he has been taking his orders from anyway. Time to make it official!!!! Maybe Phil will follow at the end of his term.

Anonymous said...

The person most responsible for getting these last minute "endorsements" from Gov., LT. Gov, Palazzo, etc. was Ron Peresich. His firm (Page Mannino) stands to lose a ton of money as City Attorney, and they wanted their boy, Swetman, in office as their puppet.