Monday, June 1, 2015

Bryant Continues "Kiss of Death" Tour

On May 12th, I wrote about an recognizable trend emerging from Bryant endorsements: He's a big fan of losers.

He's so good at picking the wrong guy that one of our commenters even suggested that Bryant might just hang up his hat in the prediction game, instead of eating it.

Alas, this turned out not to be the case, as our esteemed Governor's "kiss of death" tour rolls on. Today, Bryant announced his support that should surprise everyone. The headline should read as follows:

Republican Governor Opposes Democratic Caucus Leader!


For his part, Rep. Moak -- who always takes his elections and constituents seriously -- took this shockwave in stride, saying:

Of the governor's endorsement of his opponent, Moak said, "I guess I'll be in the same position as FoFo Gilich in Biloxi this year and the other five candidates whose opponents the governor endorsed in 2013 in Hattiesburg, Oxford, Meridian, Starkville and Ocean Springs," referring to mayoral races where Bryant's endorsed candidates lost.
Moak said: "When the governor of the state sends out an email saying he opposes a lowly legislator, I would say our strategy (to retake the House) must be working ... Maybe he wants to look at some constable races, too."

This round goes to Moak.


Anonymous said...

This is called a Pheel good thing until the polls close on election day. Just ask Windy Swetman All should be happy whenever their opponent gets a Pheel good endorsement. Moak should be elated.

Anonymous said...

This post is funny. Bryant's "kiss of death" earlier in the week for Trent Kelly resulted in 40 point win for Kelly over Democrat Zinn.

Anonymous said...

He picked a sure winner to keep face.He did not do well in the primary, now did he. He is having a big time loosing season

David said...

June 5th Anonymous, If you followed the link you'd see Bryant's choice, Boyce Adams got crushed on May 12th. Adams spent almost $70 per vote and came up an also ran.

Anonymous said...

Can someone point me to where Bryant endorsed Boyce Adams? I know he did for Trent Kelly at some event in Tupelo. But can't find any evidence that he did so for Boyce Adams.