Friday, October 18, 2013

With McDaniel Running, Who Else Will Jump In?

So far, state Senator Chris McDaniel has the field to himself in the Republican Senate primary. The incumbent is a couple of months away from announcing his intention whether to run again. This gives McDaniel a couple of months to run an unopposed campaign. Keep in mind the primary is less than eight months away!

There are other Mississippi Republicans who are eager for a career change. Let's take a look at a couple.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann (R) has made it no secret he wants to work in Washington. He is even alleged to have discussed a possible Senate run with the incumbent himself some time ago. Apparently, it did not go well. Hosemann, after having successfully campaigned for voter id, does not seem to have much else to do. What better place to continue meeting similar expectations than in Washington?

State Auditor Stacy Pickering (R) has hired a couple of former Republican Party staff members, including the communications director and state chairman. Pickering is young enough that he could have some longevity in Washington, should he choose to make a career out of it. The thing is, no one knows who he is. On top of that, Pickering and McDaniel are both from Jones County. McDaniel is also Pickering's successor in the state senate. This could be another example of where personal loyalties further fracture the Republicans.

Whether these ambitious Republicans sit and wait for the incumbent to make his decision is ultimately their call. In the meantime, McDaniel is hitting the campaign trail with stops through North Mississippi over the weekend. Without even breaking a sweat, he has already earned the endorsements of prominent Tea Party organizations.

McDaniel is making it clear he is taking this campaign seriously. We should too.


Unknown said...

Any word on Democratic candidates yet?

Matt Eichelberger said...

Nothing official yet, Tom, but there have been some legit folks looking at this since well before McDaniel made this potentially the best shot for a Democrat in years.