Friday, March 8, 2013

Where does Gov. Phil Bryant stand on renewed Personhood Amendment?

Back during the 2011 campaign, Gov. Phil Bryant (R) gave us one of the more memorable quotes of the year.  On the eve of Election Day 2011, Bryant was asked about the Personhood Amendment, which was to be on the ballot the following day.  Bryant said that if voters failed to approve the Personhood Amendment, then "Satan wins."

Well, Satan went on to have a resounding victory the next day, with 58% of Mississippi voters being so overcome by Lucifer that they voted against Personhood, which would have made in vitro fertilization and most methods of birth control illegal in Mississippi.

(One wonders which spirit Bryant feels moved the 61% of the electorate that voted for him, especially considering the statistical certainty that a large number of people who voted for him fell victim to Beelzebub that very same moment and cast a ballot against his beloved Personhood Amendment.)

Tuesday, the folks behind 2011's Personhood Amendment filed paperwork to put it back on the ballot in 2015. Les Riley, who has been linked to secession movements in the past, is once again heading up the Personhood Amendment efforts, and said in a news conference Tuesday that Mississippians were just "confused" back in 2011.

So the question becomes:  Where are you, Dr. Phil, on this issue? How long will we have to wait for your guidance on the issue of Personhood?  Will you once again call the majority of us Satan's minions?  We'll be counting the days.

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