Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Picking on the Wrong Commission

Many of you remember last year's "Sunshine Act" that sought to strip the Attorney General of his authority. It seems that they are at it again, this time taking on the Public Service Commission.

According to Patsy Brumfield over at the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, "Twin bills before the Mississippi Legislature aim to strip the Public Service Commission of its powers to investigate public utilities."  If you have a quick minute, I suggest you read the whole thing.

These bills follow a 2011 investigation in which the Public Service Commission investigated the management of the North Lee County Water Association, which led to an indictment of its former executive director, and new management. 
Perhaps the most telling part of the PSC's value comes from Brumfield's interview with the North Lee County Water Association's new board President, Dan Clemons:

“Nothing would have ever changed at North Lee without the Public Service Commission,” Clemons said, expressing his concerns about the bills.

He recently reported improved operations and expansive plans to upgrade the water system.

“If the PSC hadn’t come in,” he noted, “the Health Department would have had to shut us down in another two or three years.”

With all of this talk about a new Sovereignty Commission, what's wrong with one built for public service?

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