Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking for Some Good News?

It seems that this current legislature has encouraged a sort of “dark tone” around Cottonmouth lately, so it’s always nice to be able to bring attention to a bill that isn't going to be mocked by Stephen Colbert.

In that vein, I hope everyone takes a look at Sen. Blount’s (D-Jackson) bill regarding transparency in the Mississippi Development Authority. Which would require reports on what incentives are offered to bring businesses to our state.

There are times when we need economic incentives to attract a proven company like Nissan or Toyota. However, no incentives or tax credits are free. They impact the state budget and our ability to provide essential services from schools to health care to criminal prosecutors. We need an effective means of tracking and measuring all incentives and tax credits to make sure our decisions are in the state’s best interest.
Good on Senator Blount, and I hope we see some more movement on this issue.

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