Monday, January 7, 2013

Palazzo's two-faced history revealed by Salon

Boy, this just stings.

In a post entitled "Republican who voted against Sandy relief asked for Katrina funds",'s Jillian Rayfield absolutely eviscerates Rep. Steven Palazzo (R - Miss.) with his own words. Palazzo, of course, is Mississippi's congressman from the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast.  He was roundly criticized for voting against a relief package for Hurricane Sandy victims last week.  But guess what he said as head of the Biloxi Housing Authority in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?
“Tell our national leaders — don’t send more inspectors — we know what’s damaged and how to fix it,” he added. “Send us money so we can put families back together and do our part to rebuild our community.”
Wow.  That's your congressman, south Mississippi, making us all proud.  At least for another 2 years, anyway.

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