Monday, November 19, 2012

Think the conservative movement isn't about race? Listen to this

Lee Atwater was one of the more brutal Republican political consultants of the 1980s.  He worked for Reagan and H.W. Bush, and was at one point chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Atwater is still revered by the College Republican National Committee, whose members are often taught his techniques.

There's an old interview with Atwater that has come to light in the last few days, and it's pretty much a confirmation of everything that Republicans try to argue isn't true about them with regards to race.  Here it is:

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magnoliapizano said...

Actually, that's not at all what that clip provides. Also, it's preposterous to say that the entire conservative movement is based on race. Either as a general principle or based on a 1981 audio clip from Lee Water in which the context is left out, but with really hip, modern font added back giving the video a nice clean look.

DW09 said...

The entire conservative movement isn't based on race, just the conservative movement in the South.