Monday, June 11, 2012

A tax increase coming to Mark Formby's Pearl River County?

It seems as though Pearl River County is having difficulties running their government on the revenues they're currently getting, so their Board of Supervisors is seriously considering a tax increase.  WDAM is reporting that the Pearl River County Supervisors are set to decide June 18th whether or not they will place a non-binding referendum on the November ballot that would allow voters to call for a 1% sales tax increase.

If the voters approve this increase, the Legislature will have to pass local and private legislation to enact it.  That's where it gets interesting.

You may remember Pearl River County Rep. Mark Formby (R - Picayune) declaring on the House floor this year that anyone who votes to allow local jurisdictions taxes they request is voting for a tax increase.  He said that in response to criticism that he and other Republicans falsely accused Democratic legislators of raising taxes hundreds of times by granting municipalities' requests for increased local taxing authority.  Formby declared that he wouldn't support measures such as the one Pearl River County is now forced to consider.

Will Formby stick by his stance and advocate against a 1% sales tax increase in Pearl River County?  Or is it different when the crumbling bridge is the one you cross every day on your way home?


Kingfish said...

so instead of calling out Formby, why don't you call out Hob Bryan, who has led the charge against this for years.

Cottonmouth said...

Um, probably because the Monroe County Board of Supervisors isn't looking for a 1% sales tax increase?

Kingfish said...

So would not Hob Bryan be just as responsible as Mr. Formby then? You do criticize Democrats, right?

Cottonmouth said...

Your request that I criticize Sen. Bryan for Rep. Formby's looming problem is nonsensical. This is Formby's neck of the woods.