Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rep. Steve Holland: Issue the bonds and fulfill our obligations

The following is a Letter to the Editor from Rep. Steve Holland (D - Plantersville):

I continue to lament the reality that the leadership of the 2012 Legislature failed to allow a compromise on issuing bonds for the myriad of critical needs our State has. Almost without exception in the last 29 years that I have been privileged to serve in the Mississippi Legislature, we have fulfilled what I consider to be a valid annual responsibility in budgeting–that of issuing bonds to build and repair buildings on our University and Community College campuses, provide economic incentives for prospective industries and grow existing businesses, provide fire trucks for fire fighting and prevention for volunteer departments, build bridges in rural counties over our creeks and waterways, enhance the growth and development of our small municipalities, build cultural tourism–and the list goes on. The State is no different than we as individuals and families are in this category. We rely on long term credit to purchase our homes, buy the necessities of our families and promote the well being of our quality of life.  
Never in the history of lending has interest rates been lower and never has there been a better time to get on with the needed growth and development of our State’s infrastructure. The needs are inarguable. And you will pay as citizens one way or another. A classic example is the ever increasing burden on middle class Mississippians with tuition increases at our Institutions of Higher Learning. Why, even buckets were strategically placed throughout your Capitol Building in Jackson to catch the rain from its leaking roof this year!! Approximately $240 Million in Bonded indebtedness was retired this year-a significant figure. We could renew at least this amount and make a tremendous stride in meeting so many of our State’s critical needs. 
Call Governor Phil Bryant (601-359-3100), Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves (601-359-3200), Speaker Phillip Gunn (601-359-3300) and your local Senator and Representative and tell them you want what’s best for Mississippi - you want real leadership, not campaign rhetoric - in securing a more stable and inviting quality of life for all Mississippians. Tell them to get on with the needed business at hand immediately.

Well said, Rep. Holland.

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