Monday, March 19, 2012

So who is driving the train on the workers' compensation bills?

To my knowledge, no one has outed the group responsible for pushing HB 555 and SB 2576, bills that would destroy the ability of injured workers to recover for injuries they sustain on the job.  I think it's time someone did.

Dan Gibson, executive director of the Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers (MASI), has been very active this session pushing these companion bills.  He even recently sent out a list of misleading talking points about the legislation to legislators in hopes of arming them for floor debates.  Thankfully, the House didn't buy into what Dan Gibson was selling, and HB 555 was voted down last week.  We'll see what happens with SB 2576, which was passed by the Senate last week after a reverse repealer was inserted into the bill.

Opponents of this legislation must stay vigilant to ensure this legislation doesn't still find its way into law.  For an in-depth review of SB 2576, you can check out my review of its twin, HB 555.  Now, without further delay, here's the PDF of the MASI talking points I managed to uncover:

Talking Points 2012 Workers' Bill

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