Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Steve Simpson. He loves to fly, and it shows.

Stephen Simpson, Republican nominee for Attorney General and former Commissioner of Public Safety, spent his time as Commissioner of Public Safety earning his wings on a state plane. From April 16, 2008 to January 13, 2011 Simpson used state-owned aircraft on 48 occasions. These uses consisted of 124 individual flight legs. (A leg is any time the plane takes off and lands.)

Of the 48 uses, 22 trips went thru his hometown of Gulfport.

There were no flights on Fridays. The only weekend travel appears to be for funerals and visitations. Flight costs range from $180-$900/hr and Simpson’s total flight expenses were $74,542.00. If he'd used a car to cover those trips, the projected cost of travel to and from these same destinations at $0.50/mail would have been $8,234.45

Here are the flight logs:


And here's a breakdown of the flight costs compared to driving:

Air Simpson

I've got a new campaign slogan for the Attorney General hopeful: "Steve Simpson: Something special in the air."


bill said...

I'm assuming you have more than this, because you're not going to get too many people up in arms about the commissioner of a state agency using the state plane for official travel. No football games? No Las Vegas junkets? No weekends in Bermuda? $78,000 is about a week's pay for Hood's cronies who are crafty enough to stay out of prison. This just isn't going to fly...Bill Billingsley

MelBrooks said...

Look at how many times he flew in and out of Gulport. Isn't that Mr. Simpson's home town? He may not be flying to Vegas every weekend, but using the state plane as his personal taxi service is just as offensive. Simpson has so little respect for the taxpayers of Mississippi that he has been using our hard earned dollars to pay his cab fare.

Kristina said...

Well said Bill Billingsley! I totally agree with you! It would be really interesting to see what Hood spends money on..........

Cottonmouth said...

Bill, you know me too well. Of course I have more.

Kristina, thanks for previewing it.

jto said...

Yeah, but Simpson is the guy that fired Steven Hayne--who cost the state millions, to say nothing of the lies he told on the stand and the innocent people he put in jail.

Why do you support Hood? Doesn't the Steven Hayne thing give you pause? I live in Tennessee, and I'm totally uninvolved on politics, so I don't have a dog in this race. Just curious.