Friday, June 10, 2011

Secretary of State Hosemann flubs press release on redistricting appeal

As you probably know by now, the NAACP has filed its Notice of Appeal in the legislative redistricting case of NAACP v. Haley Barbour, et al. Accordingly, Secretary of State Hosemann emailed a press release condemning the NAACP's stance on the issue. The email contains the following line:
Now, the NAACP and the Mississippi Democratic Party have appealed the decision to the United States Supreme Court.
The problem is, of course, that the Mississippi Democratic Party hasn't appealed anything.


CCPundit said...

Man he flubbed it and now you've put him in his place. What a major screw up. He probably won't survive this exposure by the mighty Cottonmouth Blog. Pat yourself on the back for another takedown.

Tom said...

CCPundit, you're spewing an awful lot of sanctimony for a post that was simply pointing out a verifiable inaccuracy. What's the nature of your relationship with Delbert?

James Parker said...

This is hardly surprising, when you consider the source (Hosemann) of the statement. Remember, this is the same man who underestimated the turnout of the 2008 Mississippi Democratic primary by no less than 300,000 voters.