Saturday, June 11, 2011

Harvey Moss, House Democrat Whip, hangs it up after 28 years (and gives us something to think about going forward)

In a well-written article over at the Clarion-Ledger, Molly Davis covers the 7 term career of Rep. Harvey Moss (D-Corinth). There are some great quotes from Moss in the article that help remind folks exactly what Mississippi Democrats stand for:
The state's increasingly powerful Republican Party holds that conservatism is inconsistent with tax increases, but Moss says tax increases are sometimes necessary.

"You can't turn people out of mental health. You've got to keep the highway patrol going. You've got to keep the school buses going," he said.
Speaking about the 5-cent tax increase in the landmark 1987 transportation bill that led to our state's modern highway system:
"It was one of the most major economic factors that we've had in our whole state."
Speaker Billy McCoy chimed in with praise for Moss:
"Education, transportation, public health and economic development - Harvey's been in the middle of all of it...He's just a quiet fellow that's never asked for much recognition."
So now that Moss is gone, and Republicans are viciously fighting to take control of the House, the question has to be asked:
What happens to law enforcement and our mental health, public health, transportation, and education systems if people whose only goal in public life is to cut taxes and cut spending control Mississippi government?
That question will be the one the 2011 legislative elections will be decided upon.

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