Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clarion-Ledger, Sid Salter chime in on the redistricting decision, see Democrats boosted by ruling

The Clarion-Ledger has an editorial up on the redistricting ruling, and Sid Salter has a column dedicated to it as well. Both see the ruling as favorable to Democrats.

Here's the key portion of the Clarion-Ledger editorial:
Political insiders now are assessing which party the ruling benefits. Ironically, it could increase Democratic influence in the Senate, where the Republican leadership under Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant had thrown a wrench into the redistricting process. The House was divided and remains competitively so, depending on several factors. (Emphasis added.)

And here's the part of Salter's that's on point:
Why would the NAACP and the Democrats decide to live with the outcome of the 2011 election held under the old districts despite the admitted malapportionment of the current districts? Because the outcome is likely to produce a House that's under Democratic control. (Emphasis added.)

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pinebelt said...

Matt, keep looking but have not found full breakdown on present district numbers including majority/minority percentages. Nash did have largest and smallest. Other than just Salter saying, numbers would allow readers to draw own conclusions. If you know where to look please post. thanks