Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Attorney General Jim Hood receives national award for protecting citizens

The National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), funded for over thirty years primarily by the Department of Justice, is a leader in the fight against economic and high-tech crime. Today, they are hosting a seminar in Jackson to train law enforcement officials on vehicle identification number (VIN) cloning, automobile title fraud, and the use of online social media such as Facebook in criminal investigations.

At the training, West Virginia State Auditor Glen Gainer, III, and NW3C Director Donald J. Brackman will present Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood with an award in recognition of his outstanding leadership in supporting law enforcement and protecting the health, safety, welfare, and the economic well-being of citizens across the country.

Speaking as someone who has working knowledge of the efforts and tools AG Hood has used to combat internet crime, I can say that this award is well-deserved. Hood has Mississippi leaps and bounds ahead of nearly all other states when it comes to cybercrime enforcement.

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mississippi citizen said...

Well deserved. AG Hood's Office is a leader among the states when it comes to combating cybercrime.