Monday, April 18, 2011

Rep. George Flaggs says it's time for a special session on redistricting

Rep. George Flaggs (D-Vicksburg) has issued a press release calling for Gov. Haley Barbour to call the Legislature into a one-day special session for the purpose of reaching a redistricting compromise:
“I am calling on Governor Barbour to call a one day Special Session on Friday, April 22, 2011 for the purpose of reaching an agreement on the redistricting plans for the House of Representatives and the Senate. I believe that calling a Special Session would save the taxpayers millions of dollars in attorney fees and court cost. The people would be better served with one election process and using the saved money to fund Education, Health care and Mental health shortfall.”
This is no-doubt related to what was reported here yesterday. Does this mean that the wrinkles in the House compromise plan have been worked out? From what I'm hearing, no. However, legislators are continuing to work hard to reach agreement.

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