Monday, April 11, 2011

Jerry Mitchell writes article for C-L on Steve Simpson's tax woes, David Sansing calls tax problems "outrageous"

In today's Clarion-Ledger, Jerry Mitchell has an article summing up what's been covered here at Cottonmouth. The story is titled "GOP AG hopeful late on tax bill" with a subtitle of "Steve Simpson indicates payment made before it was." The story covers the tax lien sold to Farrell-Roeh Liens, LLC, Simspon redeeming his home after being called out on it, Simpson saying the taxes weren't in his budget (even though a yacht was), and Simpson later saying on SuperTalk Radio that he was current on his taxes when he wasn't.

The Mitchell story also adds that Simpson, after saying he was current when he wasn't, has now paid his property taxes and late fees. In addition, we have Simpson getting testy with Jerry Mitchell: "Reached for comment Friday, Simpson said, 'I'm not commenting on that story any more with you.'"

Where Mitchell really excels is in getting comments from Professors David Sansing of Ole Miss and Marty Wisemann of Mississippi State. Sansing says nothing upsets voters like politicians not paying taxes, calling it "outrageous." Wisemann says "There's going to be plenty to watch" as far as the Attorney General's race goes.

Wisemann's right. Don't expect this to be the only thing about Simpson voters will consider "outrageous."

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