Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House and Senate to address redistricting again

Legislators in both parties are sharing proposed redistricting plans this morning, with votes in both chambers likely today. Whether or not that will break the hold Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant has put on the process is anyone's guess at this point. The manner in which this moves forward will have an impact on what procedure will be followed. For example, if the House sends over just a House map, the Senate will have to add its own, meaning we're headed back to conference. If the House passes Senate and House maps, then the vote in the Senate will be to concur or not concur.

All of this is fluid, and members of both parties from both chambers are working deals in an effort to get something done. As it stands now, the House will likely send over a new House map and the old Burton Senate plan. If that happens, all eyes will again be on Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant.

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