Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Journal takes Senate Republicans to task for redistricting failure

NEMS360.com has an editorial up today that excoriates Senate Republicans for destroying the redistricting process.
The Legislature, especially Republicans in the Senate, have pushed redistricting based on the 2010 Census toward determination almost certainly to the courts, which is a failure of duty.
That's some strong language, but unfortunately, it's appropriate.


erabs7 said...

Rep. Steven Palazzo Violated the rules of the House by allowing the Republican Women of Hancock County to meet in his official government office. The Sun Herald posted a picture of this meeting on their website, with a blurb about the meeting.

It is a violation of the House Ethics to use official government resources for political purposes like hosting republican women meetings. Here is the link the Sun Herald Picture: http://bit.ly/fRXaCW However, the Sun Herald is not interested in writing about the ethics violation.

Cottonmouth said...

Erabs7, that's interesting. I'm no expert on U.S. House rules, so I can't comment. I'd like to see an ethics opinion on the matter. Surely something like this has come up before.