Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sid Salter sets the record straight on Speaker McCoy

As we noted the other day, two radical Republicans have started a website entitled "Fire McCoy."  Their goal is to get rid of "liberal" Mississippi House Speaker Billy McCoy and the "liberal band" of legislators who voted for him.  Well, aside from threatening members of their own Republican party, the "Fire McCoy" folks are trying to fool Mississippians into thinking of Speaker McCoy as "Mississippi's Nancy Pelosi."  (They aren't the first to try to dupe the voters on Speaker McCoy.  See state-funded SuperTalk radio in 2007.)

In an article you won't find linked by Majority in Mississippi Georgia or Yallpolitics.com, soon-to-be-former Clarion-Ledger opinion writer Sid Salter came to McCoy's defense and took the bark off of the "Fire McCoy" folks.  Here are some excerpts:
"...neither original nor particularly innovative."

"...Speaker McCoy has a record and that record bears zero resemblance to Pelosi's on the issues."

"During his tenure as speaker, McCoy has been the target of irrational criticism as some sort of uber-liberal Democrat - a charge that cannot be justified based on his record."

"McCoy's decisions to exclude Republicans from the sharing of power and leadership in the House are decisions that carry consequences. Partisanship is a dance that requires two to tango and the GOP bears some responsibility for the bitterness in the House. But 'Mississippi's Nancy Pelosi?' That's beyond the pale." (emphasis added)

"Billy McCoy is not a cultural liberal and never has been. He's a New Deal Democrat from Appalachia with rock-ribbed conservative cultural values."

"'Fire' him if you will. But don't lie about him in the process. A good and decent man, McCoy deserves better."

I highly recommend Salter's article in its entirety.

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