Monday, January 31, 2011

SuperTalk Mississippi, brought to you, a project of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, is an excellent tool for Mississippi's voters. The website makes it easy to search state agency spending, and to see how your tax dollars are being used.

Thanks to, we've been able to uncover that SuperTalk Mississippi, a statewide radio network with a decidedly conservative Republican bent, has been showered with state money since 2003. In fact, the radio network who's hosts spend all day bashing "wasteful" government spending raked in over $6,000,000.00 in the last 8 years.

SuperTalk Mississippi is owned by Telesouth Communications, Inc. Here's a year-by-year breakdown of Telesouth Communications, Inc.'s state funding from FY2004 to present:

FY2004: $589,942.00
FY2005: $695,053.85
FY2006: $1,102,824.16
FY2007: $748,686.07
FY2008: $1,202,807.00
FY2009: $890,982.00
FY2010: $486,290.00
FY2011: $295,823.00 (so far)

TOTAL: $6,012,408.08

You read that right: $6,012,408.08 since FY2004 on radio ads to a company built in large part on anger about government spending.


John Wesley Leek said...

It's obscene really. It's wasteful. Folks who listen to talk radio are already more aware of how to get the most use out of their government. That money would be far better spent reaching the under aware and lesser educated.

Kingfish said...

You discovered this all on your own?

I don't think so:

September 2010 story on this subject except my data was pulled from the MATA section of the DFA website.

Cottonmouth said...

KF - We certainly didn't read your post and decide to plagiarize it, if that's what you mean. Not everyone reads every post on your blog, sir.

Now, I certainly applaud you for running that story. I would contend that ours has more information, however.

Buy JXN Eat JXN said...

YAWN. This is an old story you are regurgitating that won't get any more traction now than it has in the past.