Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mississippians for Republican Redistricting

A group of longtime Republicans have begun calling themselves "Mississippians for Fair Redistricting." In a press release issued February 3, 2011, the group named only three members: Jim Herring, Joe Nosef, and Jeanne Luckey.

Let's take a look at who each of these people are.

Jim Herring - Former Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, "Chairmen of the Chairmen" of the Republican National Committee, and two-time Fordice appointee to open state positions. (Bio here.)

Joe Nosef - Former Chief Counsel to and campaign manager for Gov. Haley Barbour, former Chief of Staff for Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, board member of the Marsha Barbour Community Center, and member of the Hinds County Republican Executive Committee. (Bio here.)

Jeanne Luckey - Current and former National Committeewoman for the Mississippi Republican Party, Vice-chair of the Mississippi Republican Party, member of the Jackson County Republican Executive Committee and the Ocean Springs Republican Municipal Committee, Chair of the Mississippi Federation of Republican Women, and board member of the National Federation of Republican Women. (Bio here.)

In their release, they say they want the Legislature to adhere to "common sense principles" as the new district lines are drawn in response to last week's 2010 census numbers. Don't be surprised if members of this group make their presence known through state-funded SuperTalk radio and attempt to pass themselves off as nonpartisan.


Unknown said...

What is supertalk radio, and why/how is it state funded?

Cottonmouth said...

Casey Ann, check this out:

Unknown said...

Thanks. Now I remember reading that.