Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Report Shows What Won't Be Addressed

A health report out today shows alarming numbers for Mississippi. The report shows that nearly 2,300 deaths could be avoided each year if policy makers will fix the problems associated with poor access to health care services. Based on what we have seen over the past four years of Republican governance, it seems unlikely that Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves or House Speaker Philip Gunn will address any of these problems over the next four years.

Here are some highlights of the report:

  • 20 percent of Mississippians do not have health insurance (Republican't don't care.)
  • 34 percent of children live in poverty (Republicans don't care.)
  • Income inequality is very high (Republicans don't care.)
  • 35 percent of Mississippians are obese (Republicans don't care.)
  • 45 percent of children in Mississippi live in single-parent households (Republicans don't care.)
  • 12 percent of Mississippians are excessive drinkers (Republicans don't care.)
  • 20 percent of automobile accidents are caused by alcohol impairment (Republicans don't care.)
  • A 877:1 ratio of citizens to mental health providers (Republicans don't care.)
Some of the best policy tools lawmakers have at their disposal to remedy this crisis are the Earned Income Tax Credit (a credit which helps working individuals and families) and paid family medical leave. The record of the Republicans gives us little hope that Republicans care enough to do anything about the problems. Meanwhile, Mississippi remains on the bottom of the bad lists. Republicans don't care. 


Anonymous said...

Their republican friends do not fit into these categories - nothing for them to see here.

Scott said...

Haley Barbour fits at least two of these

Anonymous said...

Which 2? LOL