Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rep. Bubba Carpenter (R - Burnsville) Caught on Tape, Blatantly Race Baiting

Oftentimes, we are taught to listen for the subtle undertones of Republican language, dog-whistles that are meant to break through some of the dreariest days of Mississippi's past.

We must do this, because it's no longer usually socially acceptable to outright race-bait in Mississippi politics. But this week, Jack Ivy of WRMG-TV was on location to film the Midway Republican Rally, and what Rep. Bubba Carpenter (R-Burnsville) said may shock you.

In the video Carpenter is repeating the now typical (ridiculous) argument from opponents of Initiative 42, suggesting a Hinds County judge would be able to control funds from all sorts of school districts at his liking.  (You can watch the entire Republican rally here.)

Except Bubba went off script a bit. Instead of using the dog-whistle "liberal," Carpenter said what they always meant.

Bubba told a group of constituents that a black judge would be making the decision. And he meant it as a cuss word.  (This has the extra benefit of not even being true, as the Hinds County Chancery Court bench is evenly split, with two black female judges and two white male judges.)

And not only that, Carpenter assured the room that Governor Bryant, Secretary Hosemann, and fellow Representative Donnie Bell would be visiting later to "tell you the same thing."

This is the breakdown of a talking point in action; Carpenter is simply repeating what he heard from fellow Republicans. They wanted to put a black face on this issue, and this time, he forgot to disguise it.

Will they get away with it?


Unknown said...

Uuuuh, Yup!

Unknown said...

about the guy in the video. He is partly Correct but the MS Ballot initiative Process is terrible flawed & waist full. We live in the 2000's not the 1800's. the SOS only allows for a page & a half legal form + county Clerks are unpoliceds of wrong doing & liability. The SOS is Minimizing major reform leaving major loop holes. MS needs to go electronic internet based with it's Ballot initiative Process. this would eliminate human era & party fraud by the Clerks offices.

Anonymous said...

Just another follower trying to be a leader. What a racist jackwagon.

Anonymous said...

Unknown get a life, That man is a racist

JIFFYPOP said...

Lol, the only reason to state that it would be a "black judge" is because he is insinuating they will automatically be racist, which is extremely racist on his part. This is regardless of whatever message he was trying to get out.

Unknown said...

I know Bubba personally. I have for years. Bubba is a good man. Call him what you want, but you are repeating a lie. I helped Bubba in his first campaign and still am proud.
He is a good man.

Kingfish said...

Hate it when that happens.

Matt Eichelberger said...

Joel, are you trying to say that the tape is a fake? He's on tape saying it. That's not a "lie." That's just the truth.