Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trust the Bryant Touch

What do Republicans Dan Moreland, John McKay, Cheri Berry, Fred Pitts, and Mitt Romney have in common?

They all received endorsements from Governor Phil Bryant, and promptly lost. Often in embarrassing fashion. And tonight is no different:

After much ado over Biloxi Mayoral candidate Fofo Gilich's Republican credentials, Bryant endorsed Windy Swetman and made quite a scene in the process. Tonight, Gilich routed Swetman with 60% of the vote. 

Not too much later in the evening we saw a similar scene, when Bryant-backed-Boyce Adams was crushed by much of the field in his attempt at Mississippi's first congressional seat, despite early suggestions that he was the frontrunner.

When it comes to endorsements, we are co-signing a statement from the Mississippi Democratic Trust:

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Anonymous said...

If you want a good laugh go to the FoFo Gilich for Mayor Facebook page and view both letters sent out by the dunce cap wearing Joe Nonsense, Ms. Republican Party. The first letter accuses Gilich of being a Democrat,includes a photo shopped picture of FoFo with Bill Clinton many years ago and the other more recent letter praises the Gilich family for being great supporters of the Ms.Republican Party. Then the children at Frontier Strategies gave the order to go negative with the Ms.Mud lies,while talking Phil Bryant into reversing himself and endorsing Swetman. They turned Windy into Windless. These so called "campaign managers" along with the Payne in the Ass Group are the new definition of insanity, where they do the same thing every time expecting different results. Will be interesting to see how much Swetman wasted on these Republican party boys. Down around Biloxi there are people that want their scalps for all the BS lies they had going on. I do not think it is over for Windy Swetman either. He is trying to put his humpty dumpty self back together again for his re-election to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors with no money left to work with and very little support. Together these rising stars are down and out. Wonder who their next losers will be? Is Phil Bryant smart enough to realize the damage to his brand his boys have inflicted or does he have on his best man blinders? I bet his endorsing days are over.