Monday, April 13, 2015

Republicans Can't Figure Out Governing

With each passing year, Republicans seek to keep their friends in the political consulting industry employed rather than tackle the mounting issues facing Mississippi. This year is no exception. Rather than get things done during their time in power, Republicans focus on politics over policy.

Look no further than the frustration of outgoing state Rep. Rita Martinson (R-Madison) who has served in the legislature since 1992. On her way into retirement, you can hear in her tone that she is disappointed her fellow Republicans squandered a chance to make a difference during their time in the majority.

From the Madison County Journal,
Rep. Rita Martinson, R-Madison, said she was disappointed that during an election year officials did more playing politics than legislating. 
With regards to tax cuts proposed by both chambers and the governor's office, she said none passed because it was just politics. 
"That's the whole crux of the matter," she said. "Each body wanted to have their own tax cut. I do think some tax cut in the line of franchise taxes, as well as income taxes, would be beneficial."
The dysfunction and disinterest in governing by the Republicans is summed up best by Mississippi Democratic Trust Executive Director Brandon Jones in the video below.

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redcreek said...

Yes, that was masterful, Brandon Jones.