Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Conservative Republicans Suffer First Loss of 2015

We reported two weeks ago that Haley Barbour and his clients are determined to preserve their Republican majority on the Public Service Commission. Our prediction turned out to be correct as the first Republican to enter the Central District Public Service Commission primary is the first to drop out.

Jackson attorney Mitch Tyner fell to the pressure from the Haley Barbour political machine by announcing he is withdrawing his candidacy for the Public Service Commission while calling for "party unity." This strategy seems to run counter to what happened last year when conservatives, sick of the doctrine which Tyner has now adopted, challenged Thad Cochran for his senate seat. Additionally, party unity is what typically occurs after a party primary - not before.

Food for thought: Tyner notes that he and Haley Barbour had a discussion. If they weren't discussing the Public Service Commission race, what else would they talk about? Haley doesn't strike me as the type to pick up the phone and chit-chat with the attorney for the guy who almost defeated his friend who happens to be a United States Senator, and Mitch Tyner doesn't strike me as someone who would initiate a conversation with Haley Barbour.

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