Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rep. Donnie Bell (R - Fulton), gets popular Democratic challenger in Aaron Loden

Itawamba County Tax Collector Aaron Loden, a countywide elected Democrat, has filed his qualifying papers today against Rep. Donnie Bell (R - Fulton).  Rep. Bell was elected in 2011 as a Democrat, but switched parties shortly thereafter to become a Republican.

Bell has faced considerable heat for his decision back home, and word is that House Republican leadership isn't counting on being able to get Bell reelected.

Loden is very popular in Itawamba County, which is home to the majority of the district. Loden was first elected as Tax Assessor in 2003 with over 60% of the vote.  Bell reportedly spent the last few months asking Loden to not run, but to no avail.

This race will be one to watch.

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