Saturday, December 20, 2014

Phil Bryant Puts Mississippi Back on the Bottom

If you're looking for something to heat your home this winter, might I suggest the Phil Bryant Hot Air Machine. For all of Governor Bryant's big talk about how well Mississippi's economy is doing, one this is certain: the Phil Bryant economy is not working for Mississippi.

Reports out yesterday show that Mississippi has recaptured the title of having the highest unemployment rate in the country. Additionally, unemployment has remained over 7 percent the entirety of Phil Bryant's term as governor. A startling statistic in the report is that employers shed 4,500 positions in November, a drop that has not occurred since the great recession.

Once again, we are reminded that Phil Bryant and the Republicans are not working for ordinary Mississippians. They can boast about how much "business-friendly" legislation they are passing through the legislature, but any benefits are not being felt by the vast majority of Mississippians. While Phil Bryant's donors get their perks, nearly a quarter of Mississippi lives in poverty and more of our citizens are going without health insurance.

Phil Bryant is accustomed to saying "there's nothing more we could have done." It seems Bryant Bryant has bought into his own defeatist attitude. This is sad to see just days before Christmas. Mississippi deserves better than Phil Bryant's failed economy.

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northierthanthou said...

When Republicans talk of business, they generally want you to think of mom & pop stores, but the business interests that define their politics have never been such operations. NEVER!