Monday, September 1, 2014

Republicans Offer More Empty Words on Labor Day

A tweet from the Mississippi Republican Party was a token gesture to those who are the backbone of our communities and economy: the labor force.

Consider, if you will, a few examples of what Mississippi Republicans have done to show their gratitude.
  • In 2012, the Republican legislature passed and Governor Phil Bryant signed a law to weaken worker's compensation rights in the state. Rep. Gary Chism (R-Columbus) argued that the bill was the "biggest vote for business since tort reform."
  • This year, the Republicans passed a law that would handicap the ability of individuals wishing to organize or have a demonstration. Even Rep. Dennis DeBar (R-Leakesville), the manager of one of the bills being referenced, acknowledged that unions do not have much of a presence in Mississippi, but he wanted to "make a statement."
  • Under Phil Bryant's watch, Mississippi has the highest unemployment rate in the country.
  • Governor Bryant and the Republicans have done everything within their power to prevent hundreds of thousands of working Mississippians from obtaining health insurance coverage. 
  • Governor Bryant and the Republicans have done nothing to raise the state's minimum wage, provide paid sick leave for a worker's to tend to an ill relative or to take leave when she or he is sick, or to ensure that women earn the same salary as a man does for the same job.
It takes a lot of nerve for the Republicans to claim they are thankful and proud of our workers when Republicans do so much to make life difficult for the state's labor force and their families.

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