Monday, February 24, 2014

The Kudzu rumors section just broke some BIG Mississippi news this morning.

Every morning, Kate Dutro sends out this site's Kudzu email, which delivers the top political headlines, rumors, and birthdays straight to the inbox of its subscribers.  This morning's rumor section broke some pretty serious news: that a Democrat would be entering the US Senate race this week.

Names that have been mentioned in the past few months as possibilities include:

  • Former Congressman Travis Childers 
  • Rep. David Baria (D - Bay St. Louis)
  • Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley
  • Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran
  • Former Rep. Brandon Jones (D - Pascagoula)
  • Sen. David Blount (D - Jackson)
  • Rep. Robert Johnson (D - Natchez)
  • Sen. Hob Bryan (D - Amory)
  • Rep. Bobby Moak (D - Bogue Chitto)
  • Former Governor Ray Mabus
  • Rep. Linda Whittington (D - Schlater)
  • Congressman Bennie Thompson
  • Rep. Bryant Clark (D - Pickens)
  • Sen. Debbie Dawkins (D - Pass Christian)
I know who it is, but I'm not telling.  I will say that it should be a fun year.

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1 comment:

bill said...

Not exactly Woodward and Bernstein, Matt. Everyone has their "I know but I'm not telling" candidate, so put up or shut up. It's easy to say you were right after the announcement.

The fun part is going to be watching the Democrats have to draw straws to see who is sacrificed to make sure Bill Marcy doesn't end up walking into the general election as their standard bearer. This is really a no-win situation for that poor person. First, he has to make sure Marcy doesn't beat him in the primary, which shouldn't be too tough but stranger things have happened in Mississippi than a black man winning a Democrat primary against a white opponent, should that be the case. Next, you have to think about all the people, Travis Childers in particular, who have said they won't run against Cochran. Even though the Republican primary promises to be hard fought, most objective experts are giving Cochran the nod. What then? Does the Democrat drop out? That really strengthens the fundraising for the next time. Worse still, what if McDaniel pulls the upset? Now the Democrat nominee is really in the soup - he HAS to win against the upstart, regardless of how many statewide elections the Democrats have lost in the last decade. If history is even a remote indicator of present behavior among the voters, your mystery candidate, even if it's Jim Hood himself, had better be ready for defeat. Bill Billingsley