Monday, January 13, 2014

Haley Barbour: Deflector-in-Chief

Deflector Shields at Maximum, Governor
Another Republican controversy, another chance for former Governor Haley Barbour to come out of hiding. This time, he has come to the assistance of New Jersey's Republican governor. By now many of us are aware of an investigation taking place in that state over whether the governor and/or his staff abused their offices to punish political opponents.
“The liberal media is chasing this story as if it’s the Lincoln assassination and writing baloney about him being a bully,” Barbour said. “I think his effusive personality and enthusiasm is and will be an asset, and as he continues to lead, people will look back at this and shrug.”
The issue in the Garden State notwithstanding, Barbour has no high ground on which to stand. Again.

Barbour suggests that if all a leader has to do is have a flamboyant personality, the ends justify the means. He is no stranger to this style of leadership. For eight years, he put on a good show for the press, and the electorate bought what he was selling. He tried to make us feel good without having to justify anything he did. It's like pointing a flashlight against a wall while distracting a cat. Sometimes the distractions do not work.

It is well documented that moments before leaving office, Haley Barbour issued numerous pardons to convicted murderers and child molesters. In those instances, the "liberal media" (whatever that is) asked questions of Barbour about why he felt the need to take such reckless action. It seemed like such a simple request. Bear in mind that Barbour is the one who let assassins (to borrow from his quote) go free. In typical Barbour form, he shrugged, blamed the press, and went about his business.

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